Angličtina Siblíková

English in Jinačovice August 2015

Has this ever happened to you? You turn on your TV because you want to watch all the disabled IT people working as a team. But the reception is not great. And you badly need to find out if IT really means internet things. Well, you dial the new emergency number, so easy to remember, to find some help. But the only advice you get is to try turning it off and on again, which is of no use.

To calm down you go to the kitchen to drink some milk although you feel more like kicking someone’s ass. When you suddenly hear a crow calling three times which scares you a bit. It means that there is somebody at the door… It might be a window cleaner. Or not. Would he steal your handbag, car or a baby? I don’t know!

On the other hand it also might be somebody who you really like. In a very special way. Somebody who wants to hold your hand :)