Angličtina Siblíková

English in Jinačovice August 2013

For those in the know

In this year’s summer a big trouble found me. There was a large group of penguins dancing Finnish polka in my garden. So I sent a message in a bottle to my friend Holmes, who was a sucker for my charm, to do a quick kick and quicker kick to make them leave.

But he came along with hangover after his red wine party and he was wearing a yellow hat, an orange scarf and a red beaver’s tail. Moreover he kept talking about two monkeys easing on down the road that he’d met while driving his red and yellow lorry on his way to me. Therefore I let him relax in my red armchair and gave him my favourite blue book about ghosts and green bottle.

Later it started pouring down with rain and I felt sorry for the dancing penguins which were just skin and bones. I fed them bread and then they seemed to be so precious that I fell in love with them. My rapture for their dance was growing either.

Finally we were all dancing in the garden, wearing blue velvet and singing songs (mostly about broken heart).

And what happend to my friend Holmes? He always gotta play a part, so he turned into a Big White Bear with golden hair and after he’d been stung by a wasp, he returned to his bungalow to his mum.

But when I’m looking at the stars I find that the memories of that August won’t leave my head.